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Dr. Brian Haas, DO FACP, is not just a physician; he's a visionary who believes in the potential for personal and professional growth in the face of adversity. A graduate of Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine, with board certification in Internal Medicine, Dr. Haas has worn many hats in his diverse medical career, from being a hospitalist to a medical director, and even starting his own private practice, Wellspring Healthcare.

His path to success wasn't a straight line, but a winding journey that led him to confront one of the most significant challenges in the medical profession: burnout. This personal experience with burnout fueled Dr. Haas's passion for supporting his peers in their own struggles, and became the inspiration behind the founding of Haas Health.

With a coaching philosophy rooted in caring, compassion, and honesty, Dr. Haas empowers healthcare professionals to rediscover their joy in medicine or transition to fulfilling non-clinical roles. He leverages his extensive background in coaching and consulting, and his insights on emotional intelligence and burnout, to guide clients through their journey. His proudest moments come from witnessing a clinician's transformation, as they move from struggling in their chosen profession to embracing a career that truly ignites their passion.



Medical Team

Physician Coaching

Physician Burn out is at an all time high, with the added stress of COVID19 many physicians are electing to retire early, pursue nonclinical opportunities, or leave medicine altogether. With physician coaching we will explore your emotional state, and help you to determine the next best steps for you.

Training for medical professionals

Coaching for Physician Leaders

Are you a physician leader or non physician leader tasked with the management of multiple physicians? Are you having a difficult time managing to meaningful outcomes. Dr. Haas has extensive experience in this area and can help you become the leader that your team needs to exceed your metrics.

Medical Information

Physician On-Boarding

On boarding your team, is a critical step in team success, and retention. In the midst of the Great Resignation, retention is key and on boarding your team members effectively is a must.

Medical Specialists

Health Group and System Consulting

Haas Health is fully capable of offering a wide range of consulting services to help your organization to exceed expectations. Whether your area of focus is on culture, physician metrics, preventing burnout, or educating your staff on how to improve their emotional intelligence to offer greater job satisfaction, Haas Health has the resources that you need.

Medical Staff

Keynote speaking

Dr. Haas is a dynamic speaker who will enliven your event, and provide meaningful actionable information on a wide range of business health topics, including patient experience, provider satisfaction, and emotional intelligence.


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