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Infusing Company Culture into the Onboarding and Recruitment Process

Following up on our previous discussion on creating an effective onboarding program, we delve deeper into an aspect that often goes overlooked: the role of company culture in the process. Once you have found the ideal candidate and identified their roles and responsibilities, it's crucial to incorporate your company culture into their training and regular check-ins.

Company culture is the unwritten code that defines an organization. It is a conglomerate of your company's values, attitudes, and behaviors. If you find yourself pondering over your company's culture, that's probably where we need to start. What do you value as a company? Education, compassion, or work-life balance? What principles do you want to convey to your employees and customers?

The larger your organization, the clearer and more pervasive your culture needs to be throughout the onboarding process. Let's take a physician staffing company that values patient experience. To weave this value into your culture, your onboarding program must include modules and training on patient experience. It's essential to equip your physicians with the necessary skills to uphold these values consistently.To assume that your new hire already has all the skills would be a mistake. If your culture emphasizes patient experience, yet your training lacks any mention of dealing with patient grievances or conflict resolution, then your onboarding process is failing to set the correct expectations for the physician.

Your company's culture should not only be central to your onboarding but also play an integral part in your recruitment process. Prospective employees should be well-aware of your company's values and culture from day one. If they seem surprised or unaware of your company culture, it signals a deep-seated issue in your recruitment and onboarding process.

Your company culture is the foundation of your brand and forms the bedrock of your interactions with employees and customers alike. Incorporating your culture into your recruitment and onboarding process is a significant step towards synchronizing your employees with your company's values, fostering a healthier work environment, and creating a unified brand experience. Ensuring that your company culture is not just a poster on the wall, but a part of your everyday operations, can lead to a more engaged, satisfied, and productive workforce.

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